The Veterans MC Australia is a closed club that invites individuals to become members after they have formed a personal bond or affiliation with the club.

Veterans MC chapters are located throughout Australia. Membership into Veterans MC Australia and the Southern Tablelands Chapter is not automatic or an entitlement by any person.

Membership is earned and not just a given. A potential member will be required to conduct “Hang-around” time where he may then be nominated as a “Prospect” for a minimum period before being patched as a full member.

We expect full commitment and just remember we ask you to join us and not the other way around.

Members must own a motorcycle of over 600cc road bike, hold the appropriate licence, the motorcycle must be roadworthy and registered with the applicable state.

No Vespers, Scooters, Dirt Bikes.

Membership forms can be submitted at the attached link.

For all other enquiries they can be submitted through our Contact Us page.

Enquire about becoming a member